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Do I take my can/cup out of the BevBoy to take a drink?

There is no need to take your beverage out of the can cooler to take a sip. The BevBoy isn’t heavy. Just hold the BevBoy wherever it is comfortable and take sip. You only need to remove the can/cup when you need a refill!

How do I hold the BevBoy?

The choice is yours! You can hold the BevBoy by grabbing the can cooler, holding the base of the arm extension, or comfortably placing your thumb in the angle on the arm extension. The BevBoy is lightweight and easy to use. There is no need to take your beverage out of the can cooler.

What containers can I put in my BevBoy?

The BevBoy will work great with standard 12oz cans and 12oz/16oz plastic cups. We recommend you take a sip out of the can before placing it in the BevBoy. With plastic cups, don’t fill your cup to the very top. We recommend filling the cup equal to the top of the BevBoy’s can cooler.

What do I do when I get out of the water?

The BevBoy rests perfectly on the edge of any table or flat surface. When you don’t want to hold your drink, just rest it on the edge of flat surface. Just be sure to place the underside of the can cooler down that doesn’t have the weighted extension coming down from it.

What is your refund/exchange/cancellation policy?

If you’d like to return your BevBoy before using it (the product must still be in original packaging), please ship to: 298 Union Street Suite #3​ Brooklyn, NY 11231. Once we receive the product, we’ll provide you a refund.

If you’d like to cancel your order, please contact us at info@beverageboy.com. If the order has already been shipped, you will have to ship the product back to us. We’d then provide you a refund after we receive the shipment.